The Jesse Washington Bike/Car Check

This check is a little different from what I’m used to, this is a check up on both of Jessie’s rides. If you have ever met Jessie than you know he is a big dude with a big personality that you just have to love.

This bike/car check was shot after a slow night at the Mosqueda Bike park where Jessie puts in his eight hour days chilling and riding before taking to the streets in his new to Jess, Honda.

Full Name: jesse washington

Age: 21

Where you from: Fresno Ca

Your Car: Honda Civic
Bike Specs -

Grips: Odi
Bars: S&M hooders
Barends: Mash
Stem: Realm
Headset: FSA impact
Forks: Odyssey race classics
Front & back rim: Primo 7 series front and back
Front hub: Profile mini
Back hub: Profile mini
Front tire: Its a micro nobby
Back tire: Its mirco nobby
Front peg: Kink
Back peg: Kink
Hub guard: Profile
Frame: S&M ATF
Seat post: Kink
Seat: Sean Sexton Kink
Sprocket: Realm marci
Cranks: Profile
Pedals: Eclat
Chain: KMC kool chain
Brakes: Fly

Q. How has life at the park been lately?

A. My life has been good lately just going to work having fun. When im not working or riding i’m working on cars or jst hanging out with friends.

Q. What has you stoked on your car and how does it connect to bmx?

A. The thing i like about my car the most is my sound system its realy loud and its a neck snapper when im driving around town. I say it connect to bmx because it gets me back and forth to the bike park daly.

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