Michael Garcia Bike Check

Thanks to Joey ceppaglia for this awesome bike check.

Name Michael Garcia
Age 18
Fresno CA

Bars: primo samsquach

Barends: kink

Forks: Odyssey directors

Grips: Odi longnecks

Stem: Fit topload

Headset: kink

Front rim: odyssey vandero laced to primo

Back rim: odyssey v3 laced to fly front

pegs: salt

tires: fit faf

Seat: fiend

Seatpost: kink

Sproket: kink

cranks: primo power bites

pedels: odyssey

chain: KMC

How long have you been biking?
I’ve been riding for 5 years.

who are your sponsors?
my sponsores are Herb Bauers Bike Shop & Duette Watches

who is your inspiration?
my inspirations are tony hamlin & Kevin Kiraly

how is it that you progress so fast?
uhh i don’t know… i feel like if i can do it in one spot i can do it anywhere.

anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?
id like to give a shout out to herb bauers, duette, my filmer joey, and ryan ogawa for the sweet pics.

About RYAN O

Father, Rider, Photographer guy