Hanging With Ray For The Day

Ray's ride: Clean, simple, and legit.

We were out riding this Tuesday and the crew was all there. Andreas Wenzel, Chad Osburn, Ryan Olson, Ryan Ogawa, and Ray (FERL) Ybarra.  It was a solid session over at romains park and we decided to hit up some street spots as well. Ray was killing it all day and his bike was looking way dialed! Ray is one of those dudes who will ride to any spot…..shred it…..and pedal another hour to get to another spot. True street rider for sure. The camera got broken out and ray got a few photos that came out dope!

Words: Chad Osburn

All photos: Ryan Ogawa

Bonding time

Ray going from big air, to bomb into traffic.

Getting in close for a nice big wall ride

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